Signature Manali | Spa

Signature Manali & Spa

The Spa at Signature manaali is carefully designed to soothe your spirits, using a range of therapies and massages in the midst of elegant surroundings. Our trained therapists bring to you the very best of therapeutic treatments, selectively combining Oriental and Western practices. Rejuvenate & find new in yourself. The spa encounter endeavours to accomplish a definitive concordance between the physical and the mental domains of the individual. SPA having 2 western therapy rooms & 1 Ayurveda treatment room along with steam.

Steam Bath (30 minutes Session) Rs. 6,00/-
Olive Oil/ Apricot Oil (Body Massage 40 mins. Session) Rs. 1,800/-
Ayurvedic Massage (40 Minute Session) Rs. 2,100/-
Head & Shoulder Massage (30 minutes Session) Rs. 6,00/-